Case Study: 3 years on living with a Dunster House log cabin

Garden Log Cabins can create a whole new range of possibilities to not only extend your living space but to expand your social and leisure activities within the grounds of your own home. Three years ago, Russell King from Bristol, purchased one of Dunster House Ltd’s Rhine W4.0m x D3.0m Log Cabin in order to fulfil the living space his home and garden could actually provide. In this case study he explains how the Log Cabin has stood the test of time and looks as great now as it did three years ago.

By adding decking to his order he has created an additional outdoor seating area to accommodate friends and family, which has established the cabin as a focal feature of the garden.

He said

“It is our escape and it is almost like a mini holiday home in your own garden. Everyone who sees it is really amazed by it.”

Inside the cabin Russell has added a home cinema system with a large projector screen and surround sound speakers to convert his cabin into a entertainment ‘hub’ for his family to gather and enjoy watching films.Aesthetically a cabin can create an attractive and bold feature to your garden and Russell has personalised its exterior with a dark coating, which effectively blends into the natural wooded surroundings his garden offers. A domestic cabin’s interior can then be personalised to suit any desires or needs. Russell has created a relaxing but modern room with lounge furniture, entertainment systems and elongated mirror.

Russell described how with hard work and help from a few of his friends, he managed to construct the cabin at the bottom of his garden within two days. He said

“I got the main structure up on my own and finished within two days but spent a lot longer on all the finer details such as electrics, additional security, laminated flooring and I even tinted the double glazed windows.”

He explained that for the base mould he used some ‘old’ paving slabs that he had. His friends helped with the concrete pour

“which was a complete overkill when you look at the depths.”

However he added this was essential for the welfare of the cabin as he

“needed the height to level the garden off and ensure any rain runoff would run around the base rather than through the cabin.”

Russell describes himself as a very happy customer with his purchase and said

“It was when a friend of mine started asking questions about my cabin that it reminded me of how close I came to buying something cheaper. I am so glad I didn’t and I gave him all the details about Dunster House”

Regarding Dunster House he said

“Your quality of product and service for me was second to none and everyone who sees the cabin wants one. I just don’t want anyone to make the mistake of buying something else.”

The PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D3.0m Log Cabin starts from as little as £1,752.99. To order your Log Cabin today, and create a stunning home cinema, visit our website (direct link here) call us on 01234 272 445.

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June 13, 2011

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