Case Study: Extra Living Space in your back garden

Case Study Log Cabin Exterior Design Dunster House

Case Study Log Cabin Exterior Design Dunster House

Gavin Musk, a building site supervisor and his wife Carla just bought one of our amazing PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m and transformed it into a cosy, relaxing living area. They were happy to submit a case study explaining more about why they purchased it and why they designed it the way they did.

Extra space needed case study

In a house where five adults and one child are living together there isn’t much space left and as they feel the house is overcrowded and no one feels much at ease the only possible decision would be to enlarge it (or buy a bigger house). However while the building work is in process they needed extra living space.

“We are building an extension/annex for our parents to live in and wanted to create an extra living space while the building works are ongoing, after that it will become a games/movie room.”

So the main reason for purchasing a Log Cabin and the problem they had to overcome, according to the couple, was a lack of space. As Gavin explained “We had to demolish a large part of our house in order to start our extension.”

And as expected the main characteristic or feature they were looking for was size. “We needed the biggest we could get within our permitted building regulations.”

Case Study Log Cabin Interior Design Dunster House

Choosing a Dunster House product

Having searched the market for all options in terms of Log Cabins, Gavin was really happy to discover that our company had the best value for money and a wide range of extras and personalising features.

“Price and the large number of upgrade options, we wanted 45mm logs and most of the other companies only offered 28mm,” explains Gavin about the main reasons for choosing a Dunster House product.

So Gavin was pleased with the product but what about the service provided by Dunster House? “Very satisfying!”, he added.

Case Study Log Cabin Interior Design Dunster House

The building process

With no problems whatsoever the building process was fairly quick and straightforward. “Very easy. It took me and my father (both builders) two days to erect the main building. We used our own insulated concrete base and 100mm celotex insulation in the roof. We used bigger fascias and barge boards to cover the insulation. It took another week to add mains gas, electric and water and a kitchen. We used our own matching timber to create a bathroom and fake chimney breast.”

Of course there was already an idea of the basic design and other facilities that they were looking for. “Yes we needed to include a bathroom and kitchen.”

When asked about the favourite aspects of the finished project, Gavin concluded: “The quality of the timber and the thicker logs. We were worried about losing heat but so far we have not needed to turn the heating on.”

Case Study Log Cabin Interior Design Dunster House

Plans to acquire another cabin next year

Gavin is overwhelmed at the reactions of other people to the finished project. His friends, family and neighbours seem really impressed. “Love it! Already had a few friends take the details of where we purchased it from.”

Gavin still has a lot of new plans and improvements that he wishes to add as soon as possible. “Cinema screen and intelligent lighting system.”

When asked if he would buy from Dunster House again and would recommend the company to family and friends Gavin was pretty straightforward: “Yes we are planning to buy a smaller cabin next year.”

September 27, 2015

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