Chasing the sun with our revolving Summerhouse!

Summerhouse Dunster House

Don’t you just hate it when you’re unwinding in the garden; falling asleep with the sun on your face before the sun moves behind a cloud and you are left desperately pining after it. Now, you could follow the sun around the garden, dragging your chair around with you. However, if you want a Garden Building that allows you to face the sun all day long then you have to look at our revolving Summerhouses.

We have designed a Summerhouse that allows you to chase the sun without having to move the primary position of the Garden Building.  Thanks to the Summerhouses ingenious base, you can reposition the building wherever the sun shines brightest. Although this may seem daunting, we have made it easy thanks to the steel tracks. These hot-dipped galvanised steel tracks allow you to easily move the Summerhouse into place, using the handles for increased control. To make it even easier, it is secured with a cylinder bolt. When you’ve found the position that works best for you, lock the bolt into place and step back inside your Summerhouse.

The rest of the Summerhouse follows the same high quality design as our stationary Summerhouses. These stunning, high quality buildings are made from thick, knotless and sturdy slow grown spruce timber which only helps to increase the Parisian feel. The white wood allows the Summerhouse to fit in any garden, size or style. If you feel that a brighter colour would better fit your décor then we can offer a wide variety of block treatments including Eggshell Blue, Sage Leaf or Dove Grey amongst others.

The structure itself has been designed to be an idyllic suntrap thanks to its toughened glass windows. The glass windows, which complete three of the six panels, are tougher than the 3mm horticultural glass that is commonly available on the market today. Our 4mm toughened glass windows make it harder for stray footballs or stones to smash it. If, on the rare occasion, it does break the glass will crumble rather than shatter making it safer when cleaning up.

We allow you to customise your Garden Building further by allowing you to remove the Georgian Bars if you choose to.  These elegant looking additions are sculpted so that they do not float in front of the glass but actually touch the glass. If you do not feel that these are needed on your summerhouse, they are easily removable. These will come delivered within the kit formation, allowing you to choose whether you would like to keep or remove them.

Many people worry about the damp weather and the damage it can cause to their Summerhouse so are reluctant to buy one until the winter, but with our pressure treated floor bearers ensuring at least 10 years protection against rot and infestation, this needn’t be a concern. As for the rest of your building, one of the optional extra’s we provide is the treatment needed to protect your garden building. Choose this option and you can have everything you need readily available at the time of your delivery. Perfect.

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April 7, 2015

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