Why choose our Climbing Frames and Playsystems over our competitors?

FortPlus Escape climbing frame from Dunster House

In this day and age it is easy to shop around and find 100 different companies offering similar products. Although if you type Climbing Frame into Google the first three options that come up are all Dunster House. We strongly believe in the old adage ‘You get what you pay for’.

At Dunster House we aren’t biased (Ok, maybe a little!). However, we believe in the quality of what we are selling to you. Our Climbing Frames are put through rigorous training and tests to ensure that they are 100% safe for your children to play on. As we know how clumsy children can be, each aspect is checked to ensure the Climbing Frame will not buckle. Your children’s head or feet will not become trapped. And there are no snags to rip clothes or catch their skin. Add this to non rust ropes, clamp style hooks and rounded safety caps coming as standard on all of our Climbing Frames. Why would you look anywhere else?

Visit Our Climbing Frames In Person

We invite customers to come to any of our four UK offices and take a tour of our Display Areas. There you can get a real feel of what you are buying from us. You’ll have the opportunity to ask our friendly sales team any questions about the product. Whilst we cannot display everything we sell, you can get a strong idea of what you want and tweak your product so it matches the idea in your head.

Pressure Treatment directly from our own factories

Our specialist production factories produce different parts exclusively for Dunster House. These factories are family owned. We have dedicated stations manned by experienced staff that ensure that each item that comes out of the factory is high quality. The pressure treatment process is pretty fancy and pushes the preservative deep inside the timber. It ensures your child can play on the Climbing Frame from the age of four to fourteen without any fear of rot or infestation.

We even have a 10 year guarantee on it. A fleet of our drivers deliver the product to your home and, for those of you not DIY savvy, can install it for you ensuring you can put the kettle on and not have to deal with pesky manuals.

Climbing Frames Spiel Caravan Dunster House

A customer sent us an image of her beautiful Spiel Caravan in use – looks amazing!

Ultimate Safety Test

Children provide our Climbing Frame and Playsystems with the ultimate test. They can play nicely on it or, following my experience with kids, run around crazily on it and fight over who gets to go on the slide first. Whichever option they choose, the quality of your Playsystems is the same. They will still be as sturdy and stable as when you first built it! If you don’t believe me, read the Customer Reviews.

Alex Murphy

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