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Climbing Frames from Dunster House with two swings and slide

The sun hiding behind the clouds just waiting to come out. It may seem like an odd time to buy  Climbing Frames. But, if you order now, you can have it delivered and built ready for the half term break.

The days are slowly getting longer, often not becoming dark until 5pm. Meaning your children can get an extra hour and a half of play time at the end of the day.  You could choose to take them to the park every day to ensure they meet their daily exercise limit. Often it is parents who are standing in the damp and cold whilst our children contentedly play for hours. With a climbing frame or playsystem, you can let them play in the garden. All the while you finish the never ending to-do list that naturally comes with running a house.

Optional extras

Whether you choose a Climbing Frame or Playhouse we know that your children will entertain themselves for hours! We could tell you all about the amazing optional extras we offer to add to the already spectacular Climbing Frames; the swing seat, ring trapeze, knotted rope, monkey swing, steering wheel, buzz pack and wave slide. Amongst others but you can visit our website to read about that. We want to tell you why you should choose ours? What makes our Climbing Frames and Playsystems the only ones you should consider?

Climbing Frames Dunster HouseBoth our Climbing Frames and Playhouses are fully pressure treated; only our Spiel Caravan, Capt’n Matt and Tumblelodge ranges are part pressure treated. By pressure treating these we can guarantee them against rot and insect infestation for 10 years. It also means that you do not have to deconstruct your climbing frame to annually reapply the treatment which can be time consuming. The pressure treating process normally turns the wood a green colour but we add a brown additive during the treatment to ensure you get a rich mahogany colour which gives a striking contrast to the green of your garden.

Safety is priority

Our Climbing Frames and playsystems are put through rigorous tests to ensure that they are safe for your children to play on. As we know how clumsy children can be, we check each aspect to ensure that the Climbing Frame will not buckle. Your children’s head or feet will not become trapped and that there are no snags to rip clothes or catch their skin. Add this to non rust ropes, clamp style hooks and rounded safety caps coming as standard on all of our Playsystems and Climbing Frames, why would you look anywhere else?

Children provide our Climbing Frame and Playsystems with the ultimate test. They can play nicely on it or, following my experience with kids, run around crazily on it and fight over who gets to go on the slide first. Whichever option they choose, the quality of your Playsystems will not be affected and will still be as sturdy and stable as when you first built it! If you don’t believe me, read our Customer Reviews.

If you have any questions about your climbing frame or playsystems, feel free to comment below or call 01234 272 445 to talk to our friendly sales team!

February 7, 2015

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