Choosing a Greenhouse!

Customer Review: Mini Geenhouse Dunster House

How to choose the right greenhouse

As the summer draws to an end and the weather starts to cool, you need to start preparing for the colder months in terms of your plants.  We have provided you with plenty of helpful tips on how to protect plants that are already in the ground but what about the seedlings that you want to grow.  That’s why many of you are turning to greenhouses. If you buy the right greenhouse you will only need to make the purchase once – so invest wisely. We understand this can be difficult with the multitude of choice out there so we are going to make this easier for you.

Choosing Greenhouse Dunster HouseSize does matter No greenhouse will ever be big enough.  The reason for this is simply its use! You will fill up the staging with seed trays that will grow in the spring; each will yield at least 10 plants so you will have a lot of individual pots around as well.  Whether you grow the plants for fun or in order to sell fresh produce to a local village, you will not want to throw these away meaning the greenhouse will always be blooming. Choose one that accommodates you and your needs.  If you know you need to grow a lot of plants, be sure to get a greenhouse that is not only large but has double staging to allow you to shelf more plants. At Dunster House, we cater for all level of gardeners, whether you have a small space that requires our mini greenhouse or a large space where the larger Lilymere (W3.0m x D6.0m) greenhouse will be the primary feature, we have something for you.  With space optimization in mind, we give you the option to choose to add pressure-treated free staging, with removable shelving, letting you choose the best layout for your greenhouse.

Looks Count If you type the word greenhouse into Google, you will quickly see the different types, looks and styles of a greenhouse.  Although your primary concern should be for the use of the greenhouse, the look will be a thought when purchasingChoosing Greenhouse Dunster House.  You need to consider the impact that the greenhouse has, not only your garden, but for your neighbours too. With our greenhouses designed with you in mind, the aesthetic aspect of them are taken into consideration greatly when our design team start thinking about new ranges.  Our pressure treated greenhouses have a gorgeous rich colour to them meaning they will make a stylish addition to any garden.

Why is timber better? Pressure treated timber keeps your greenhouse warmer in the winter than other materials such as aluminium or pure glass.  This means that your greenhouse will be cheaper to keep warm this winter, without the need of excessive outside heaters bought at your own personal expense. Pressure treated timber comes with a 10 year guarantee against rot and infestation ensuring that you will have the highest quality with the lowest fuss.



Choosing Greenhouse Dunster HouseShed? Greenhouse? Both?

If you are a green fingered gardening enthusiast, you will have seeding trays, pots, tools, watering cans and plenty of other tools cluttering up the bottom of your greenhouse.  A potting shed will not only help provide storage for your tools but also offers a place for you to organise your gardening activities.  With a place for everything, you will spend less money replacing lost gardening items or buying separate storage to keep them in. Another use for your shed aspect of the potting shed is that many herbs, flowers and vegetables require drying out.  With a potting shed you can complete all the tasks in the one place meaning you have more time to focus on your gardening.


Sticks and Stones may break…my greenhouse!
A major concern for any greenhouse consumer is the idea that glass can be easily broken costing them money to replace it. With

Choosing Greenhouse Dunster Houseour glass being single sheets of 4mm toughened glass, we can ensure it can take the impact of your son’s ball being kicked a little too enthusiastically. If someone manages to break the glass, we have ensured that it is easy for you to take this out and replace by using internal window beading to secure the glass in place. This means that, in the rare event of a breakage, you do not need to go to the extreme of taking the roof off of your greenhouse to replace the broken glass. You simply remove the beading and the window should come out easily. Why not visit one of our show gardens and step inside a greenhouse or potting shed to really get a feel for the grandeur of it. If you don’t want to come and visit, give our friendly sales team a call and they will talk you through all the options.

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