Christmas printable pictures, part 1

Christmas Dunster House

With Christmas songs on the radio, the first flush of frost on the ground and social media posts being inundated with all things sparkly, it is hard to ignore that Christmas is coming. Both last weekend (6th-7th) and the one coming up (13th-14th) are the prime time to put up your Christmas trees and enjoy getting your children involved all things festive.

We know that money is always tight around Christmas and want to make sure that you still have things to do which cost you very little.  Why not add a personal touch by letting your children create decorations for your tree. We give you three pictures that your child can colour in, paint or glitter to their hearts content. When they finish, they place them on the tree for everyone to see.

If you are looking for something a little more traditional and bauble shaped, this is more than easy to do. Get a cup that is approximately the size of the bauble you want. Then place it hole down on card or cardboard. Trace around the cup edge so you are left with a perfect circle and cut it out. Let your child decorate these before you place them on the tree. Why not hang them with festive ribbon for extra sparkle!

Christmas Dunster House Christmas Dunster House Christmas Dunster House

December 11, 2014

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