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Climbing Frame with kids

When looking online at different climbing frames, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Its difficult to choose which climbing frame will not only keep the kids entertained for hours on end but will also give them a safe place to play so you can relax or catch up with your never ending to do list. Some of our competitors hide the features deep within their website but, after having them rigorously tested to ensure they match European Safety Standards, we are proud of our climbing frame features. To make it easier, I’ve listed some of them below:

Safety as standard

You want to be sure that your children are safe whilst they are playing. To help put your mind at ease, and ensure your children’s safety, we have all our climbing frames rigorously tested to comply with EN71 European Safety Standards. They are also CE rated. This testing includes hanging weights culminating in 200kg, 10x the average weight of a six year old, to the swing hooks where they are left for hours. We also add 100kg weights to the platforms to ensure they are strong and sturdy. To make sure you kids don’t catch their clothes or trap their feet when playing we use gauges and toggles to assess all gaps. Safety really is our top priority.

To find our more about the testing our Climbing Frames undertake, check out this video:


Metal Ground Anchors

We know that your children will run, jump and climb enthusiastically over the climbing frame which is why you need to ensure your climbing frame is secure. Unlike the flimsy plastic pegs some other companies use, we provide you with 530mm long galvanised metal ground anchors. These anchors feature large metal disks which you bury deep within the ground to stabilise your climbing frame. This means, that unless the ground is overly soft, you won’t have to concrete your Climbing Frame to the ground.

Climbing Frame: Non Rust Rope10mm rope

We don’t use chains on our swings as these can become rusty over time, especially when exposed to constant rain, and easily trap your child’s hair or fingers while they are playing. We use 10mm twisted thick rope which has smooth welded plastic joints so are built to last. These are easily adjustable so, as your children grow, they won’t become too big for the climbing frame accessories (until they’re 14 at least).

Comfortable Swings

We want your children to be comfortable whilst they are playing. Our Swings are made with thick plastic that is moulded for both durability and comfort rather than the flimsy plastic some competitors offer.

Climbing Frame: Duo SeatHigh Quality Accessories

Our high quality materials and attention to detail spread to our Optional Extras. We do not offer cheap, flimsy accessories like some of our competitors. Our Climbing Frame accessories are all designed for strength and longevity whilst also being manufactured to a high standard.


Rounded safety caps

All the nuts and bolts used in the climbing frame are safely covered up with our plastic caps (supplied as standard). This gives added protection to your child against knocks, bumps and prevents their clothes from catching.

Climbing Frame: Climbing StonesProfessional Quality Climbing Stones

Our climbing stones make scaling our climbing wall easy. The climbing stones are made from professional grade materials rather than plastic as it can crack, become sharp and your children can catch their skin on them. By using the same materials as those used on professional climbing walls, you can be confident that your children will be safe while they play.


Extra thick slides

Many of our competitors offer slides that are not only made from thin plastic but many of them need to be built. Our wavy slides are made from 4mm thick plastic, with 5mm thick side walls to stop your little ones sliding off of the edge, which have been moulded into space before being delivered to you in one piece. This not only makes it easier for you to attach when building your climbing frame but also eliminates the fear of a weak joint causing the slide to break while your child plays on it.

Climbing Frame: Swing HookClamp Style Swing Hooks

Many of our competitors attach their swings to their climbing frame via a simple bolt that has been drilled through the middle of the timber. Over time, as your children swing back and forth, the constant strain and movement will cause the timber to weaken overtime. Our clamp style swing hooks wrap around the timber, keeping the timber in one piece, giving additional reinforcement.  This method of attachment not only adds strength and safety but also makes swapping accessories simple.

Strong Braces

As your Climbing Frame is going to be used for years to come, we want to make sure you have a strong structure. We use multiple brace points throughout the climbing frame for added strength. We also prefer to use bolts, rather than screws, at key stress points and even pre-drill these holes to help you get the positioning exactly right and save you time.

Free Fixing Packs

There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of building something and finding that you don’t have the right fixings to continue. We include all of the screws, nails and fixings that you will need to put your climbing frame together – not many of our competitors are that thoughtful. This eliminates the need to worry about the type of screws or the length of nails you might need to get started – it’ll all be with your delivery.

To look at our Climbing Frame range, and find one that suits your style, preference and budget, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. They’ll happily answer any questions you may have regarding our Climbing Frames, Summerhouses, Log Cabins or any of our Garden Buildings.

October 13, 2016

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