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Recently we were contacted by a Company who wished to purchase our Climbing Frames. They did not want them donated free, or a discount, but still we turned them down.  Why?  Because they wanted to use our Climbing Frames in a public park.

This isn’t us being mean and deciding we didn’t want children to play on our Climbing Frames during a day out; it is because we are a responsible Company. Although our Climbing Frames are put through stringent testing to ensure they meet European Safety Standards, both EN71 and CE (CE shows that we have declared the Climbing Frame meets the requirements of the European Directive and is intended for sale), they are not tested to EN76 standards meaning they are not designed to be used by the public.

To be brief, purely because explaining each individual condition in EN71 and how we reach them would take me weeks, our Climbing Frames are designed to be used in a domestic capacity such as your backgarden. Your children can safely play on it day in and day out without any cause for concern as each climbing frame is tested to a maximum number of children; amongst other standards but due to the popularity of public parks (if you have ever taken your child to a ‘playzone’ on a day out you will understand what I mean) this number would easily be exceeded.

We cancel many orders a year which are placed prior to our knowledge that they are to be used for anything other than domestic use.

May 14, 2015

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