Climbing Frames In The Winter


The evenings are getting darker and colder but that won’t stop your kids from enjoying the great outdoors. The bundles of joy are always active, keeping you on your toes which you will need to be with half term starting next week. Adding a climbing frame to your garden is not only beneficial for your children but also yourself.

Trip to the park vs. enjoying time in the garden

A climbing frame metres from your home will make your life a whole lot easier. A trip to the park not only wastes your time but it’s a hassle. You have to pack raincoats, snacks, drinks, pushchair and nappy changing kit, then drive there and hope the swings are free! Compare that with a climbing frame in your back garden, you just have to make sure they are wearing warm clothes and stick a woolly hat on them and they are good to go!

Benefits of having a climbing frame at home

There are a number of benefits for you but there are far more benefits for your children. A climbing frame should not be thought of as something for them to play on and keep them active. It is much more than that!

Whilst we all remember the games we used to play as a child, it’s less common knowledge that these games all fit into one or more of the four styles of play: imaginative play, social play, constructive play and physical play. Each of these styles involves different ways of playing and have their own unique benefits for your child’s development. Our climbing frames are most likely to encourage these four styles of play.

Investing in one of our climbing frames is a great way to encourage the four styles of play. Not only are they great fun but they can have major benefits for children’s development too, read more about this here. Remember to always encourage safe play and supervise small children.

Climbing Frame from Dunster House with decoration

Do not forget about the safe environment!

With the cold and wet conditions in winter, kids play inside the house instead of outside in the garden. When kids do want to play on their climbing frame, please be aware and check the garden first. Be know if it’s a safe play environment. There may be a large amount of packed and slippery leaves or broken branches on the playground equipment that need to be removed first. This will help prevent your kids from tripping over, sliding or falling down.

A climbing frame is ideal for all year use so even with it becoming colder, wetter and darker your children won’t care one bit, they just want to get out and have fun. Our huge selection of top of the range outdoor wooden climbing frames and playhouses are all made from high quality spruce and are independently safety tested to meet European standards. Our climbing frames are long lasting! All of them are pressure treated and have a 10-year anti rot and insect infestation guarantee.

October 22, 2017

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