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“Try before you buy”: it’s a truism but one which is important to consider before you make your next purchase. In this increasingly online world we have all become accustomed to more and more products being available on the internet. They’re often cheaper, and initially they seem less hassle.

But if you’ve ever had an online purchase go sour, then you know that online shopping isn’t always the best option …

“But that’s not what I ordered!”

You have to be very trusting or very confident to assume that your purchased online product will look anything like the one or two perfectly crafted images which first attracted you. If you want to do a bit more digging before you buy – tough! Many online-only retailers have no stock at all of their advertised products, as they merely buy them from someone else as needed, so they can’t even provide you with real photographs.

At Dunster House, we have six physical branches across England (and one manufacturing and despatch branch). These branches all have a number of products on display for you to examine to your heart’s content. Our trained salespeople will answer any queries you may have, and they make a great cuppa too!

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There is a wide array of our products available for viewing. Even the smallest display garden in Warminster shows off examples of our climbing frames, log cabins, gazebos, greenhouses, summerhouses, sheds, fences, rabbit housing, and garden offices! Phew!

If you live too far away or are too busy to visit us in person then fear not, there are other ways to see our products. Many of our products have videos explaining their benefits and features. Using these, you can see that the product you are after definitely exists in a physical form. If you want even more reassurance then our YouTube page has many videos of customers building and showing off their timber products. If you watch how to build a PremiumPlus cabin from the ground up, you will be certain that our images correspond to our products.

Visit Us - Garden Office

“Where’s that site gone? I only bookmarked it last week!”

The other major advantage to having brick and mortar premises is your peace of mind.

These days the internet is awash with debates over whether to build a business online or in the physical world. The main con which they all state is financial: it costs to rent premises, furnish and decorate, pay cleaners and maintenance, manage the bills, and endless other costs. These are all perfectly truthful statements. However, we believe that these financial costs work in our favour.

We are secure, comfortable and successful enough to expand our business not once or twice but six times. We’re not a flimsy, rootless internet company which could disappear tomorrow along with your deposit: we have been here for over twenty two years in solid brick and mortar and we hope to be here for twenty two more.

September 2, 2016

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