Commuting to work is a mug’s game!

Commuting Interior Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

The cost of fuel is rising to astronomical heights and train fares increasing above inflation every year. Thus the idea working from home is now a realistic and cost effective lifestyle choice.

At Dunster House we have already featured the options of using a log cabin for a children’s playroom, your own gym or an arts and crafts hobby room. However more and more people are now creating extra space and using it as a home office?

We already offer a large range of traditional and modern log cabins and summerhouses which are perfect for lots different uses.

Commuting Exterior Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

Create the ultimate professional image

Here is a perfect example of our beautiful Severn 400 log cabin being used as a photography studio for their company iSnap You. By utilising unused garden space, these entrepreneurial clients have recognised the potential of a log cabin. By combining their professional talents and our cabin, they created the ultimate work space. Finished with a stylish and sophisticated edge, they have maximised the space in the cabin. Their aim was to create a professional looking and spacious area to shoot in!

This is what our cabins are all about, giving you the freedom and space to explore new and exciting ventures; our log cabins enable you to maximise your garden space at a fraction of the cost. You won’t have to worry about extending an existing building.

So, What could your Dunster House be?

Commuting Interior Severn Log Cabin Dunster HouseCommuting Interior Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

April 25, 2013

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