Compost Toilets: A solution that could help to prevent contamination to water Supplies

Compost Toilets Dunter House

Compost Toilets Dunter HouseAs the world observes the annual World Water Day on Saturday 22nd, here at Dunster House we are continuing to design and develop ideas such as compost toilets, that offer sustainable solutions for the sanitation crisis.

World Water Day is observed on an annual basis to help to increase awareness, action and implementation of potential solutions that can help to reduce the percentage of the world’s population living without access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation and global water related issues.

It highlights the issues and the needs of more than 10% of the global population, (that’s more than 700,000,000 people worldwide) that currently lives without improved drinking water and the 2.5 billion living without access to a safe and secure form of sanitation.

With approximately more than 1 billion people practicing open defecation, which can result in contaminating drinking water supplies and the natural environment, there is a desperate need to implement new sustainable sanitation solutions and infrastructure.

For the people of many developing countries, a lack of sanitation and clean water is a significant factor in the prevention of economic growth and improvement of living conditions for the local population.  Contaminated drinking water supplies exposes and leaves millions of people vulnerable to illness and life threatening diseases, and sanitation related illnesses are the cause of approximately 2.2million deaths per year.

Whilst World Water Day will help to raise awareness and develop new and existing policies;  the majority of developing countries will fail to meet the MDG target of halving the current population of people living without improved sanitation by 2015.

Compost Toilets: Dunster House’s Contribution

Here at Dunster House, we are continuing to use our experience and expertise in timber manufacturing to design cost effective sanitation solutions. Our range keeps expanding to suit different needs and requirements from off grid applications to emergency sanitation following a disaster.

We can provide waterless composting toilets, which can present a hygienic solution and can allow users to collect and recycle waste as ecological sanitation. These units can help to prevent uncontrolled open defecation and provide a hygienic alternative option to separate waste for future use.

Products such as these allow members of many communities to have the ability to recycle waste for composting, whilst providing a dignified and secure location to go to the toilet.

To see our growing range of solutions for sanitation, follow this link –

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