A concrete garden revived!

Concrete garden

Enduring 8-10 hours of office politics and personal affairs can be exhausting. It is the best feeling in the world when you come home, open the door, kick off your shoes and… looking out at a grey terrace or balcony void of any colour? This is a daily routine for many people, particularly those that live in a flat. Here at Dunster House, we realise the therapeutic affect that a blossoming garden can have on your mood.

Dependant on the primary use of your garden, seating is a must! Somewhere you, your family and friends can relax outside at any point of the day – by using bright colours; either in the colour you paint it or the coverings you use, it can create a perfect focal piece for you to build on. If you are not one for a party and prefer solitude, the Brenin Arbour is the perfect combination of shelter and planting potential.  By using the trellis as a base for a climbing plant, your imagination is the limit! Plant Ipomoea Coccinea (Scarlet Morning Glory) for a vibrant mix of yellow and red flowers all year round.

For terraced gardens, containers are a necessity, and the possibilities are endless. You could go for plain terracotta pots (we have seen small pots be used as mini BBQ’s for a centrepiece!), you could get a pot and decorate it in bright colours, (or get the children to) or you can think slightly out of the box. We have seen BBQ’s, toolboxes, eggshells and even teapots used as a habitat for your plants and we love them! We have plenty of images on our Pinterest page to inspire you so take a look.

Concrete Garden Dunster HouseSpace is of the essence when it comes to terraced gardens, you don’t want to have so many plants that it looks like a jungle but you don’t want it looking bare. Our TruggyWug is ideal for a balcony. Being raised off of the ground and mobile ensures that it can be moved to get the most sunlight. If you are looking for something that will take up even less space, then you may want to consider our Mini Greenhouse. At just 0.6m tall and 1.2m wide, these have in built shelves for you to nuture seedlings and small plants until they need to be replanted.

As the summer approaches and the days get longer, BBQ parties are a must! People can be put of with fussy family who want all their food cooked in different ways – and we at Dunster House are fully aware of it. Our BBQ‘s offer much more than your standard BBQ’s. We have options with Pizza stoves, Cooking Pots and a smoker.

June 19, 2014

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