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Contemporary Garden Offices Dunster House

Contemporary Garden Office range: Piccolo, Medio and Grande!

The 6am alarm rings as you stumble to the kitchen, avoiding toys as you go, in order to get the caffeine fix that is much needed. By the time you made some toast, you have no time to eat it. You are rushing upstairs to ensure you are all ready in time to battle the traffic. Does this sound familiar? In 2012, a survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive showed 186,000 cases of stress related sickness were reported and the numbers are not going down.

Now imagine waking up at 8am feeling recharged after a full night’s sleep, ready to take the day on. You actually sit down at the kitchen table with your family and enjoy a full breakfast before drinking your coffee and reading the newspaper. Take a stroll upstairs where you enjoy a nice long shower, get dressed, leaving for work at 8.57am and arriving promptly at the office by 9am. This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Not with our brand new Contemporary Garden Office Range.

Contemporary Offices

These uniquely panelised garden offices are the perfect addition for the more compact garden. Standing at just 2.2 metres wide, this is the ideal office for someone who works independently from home, creating a great outside environment. With the range providing three different depths; 2.2m, 2.8m and 3.4m, you will have a big space within a small environment.

Contemporary Garden Offices Dunster HouseThe modern style includes a resin based wood material, which provides you the option to choose from a range of different paint colours for your application upon completion, resulting in you having a completely customisable Garden Office. Why not stand out from the crowd by opting for our elegant Tudor inspired finish. Available as an alternative to the plain finish, the Tudor finish allows you to match the grace and refinement of genuine Tudor finish, whilst still enjoying the minimal maintenance of our wood resin panels.  We supply you, in kit formation, everything you need to create this feel including the black paint. The reason we don’t paint the timber ourselves is to eliminate the risk of chipping the paint during transportation.

Nothing is worse than hosting a phone conference, Skype call or working towards an impending deadline whilst dealing with constant noisy distractions. The sound of children playing, traffic going past, phones ringing and wildlife will fade into the background thanks to our insulated walls. The wood based resin walls are insulated to help regulate the temperature. You will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the ideal working environment 365 days a year.


We know all jobs are different, and that people work in different ways. Our internal walls are made with MFP board with a wood chip finish. This moisture resistant material can be decorated anyway you like allowing you to customise your office in a way which best represents your business.

The materials picked to create this office represent the ultimate in convenience. From the pressure treated floor bearers it is placed on, to the panelised walls that are easily put Contemporary Garden Offices Dunster Housetogether, this office requires very little maintenance. Screws, a screwdriver and a bit of DIY knowledge are all you need to start using your home work space. We do offer an installation service for this garden office. Hence we will supply and fit the office for you if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

Lights And Security

Light will not be an issue. Although electricity ports are not provided with this range, they do come with three uPVC double glazed windows. They are made with toughened glass as standard, along with the large window in the office door. These allow in plenty of light. If you need an electrical source, a quick phone call to a local electrician would suffice.

Your security is our first priority when designing our products. This is why this building has nine different locking systems on the door along with locks on the windows. The hook locks that activate when you push down the handle. Also, a key that will secure the handle into place, your office equipment will be secure.

So close the windows, shut the door and take a stroll across the garden. With a night of relaxation in front of you, are home in record time daily! Experience the true harmony of having a work/home balance. Or you could always take on the commute!

December 2, 2014

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