Control the sun with the Tahiti Pergola

Tahiti Pergola Dunster House

The UK is currently in the grips of a heatwave that is set to beat LA, the Sahara desert and Morocco thanks to a large amount of warm air coming from North Africa. If this is any sign for the upcoming summer, you need to get your garden ready for months of entertaining. We aren’t naive enough to think that the uninterrupted sunlight is going to continue until October, there will be light showers and the occasional blustery wind. You could add a Log Cabin to protect you from this, or even a Summerhouse, but sometimes you just want something that will give you a little shade from the heat while still letting you enjoy it.

Tahiti Pergola Dunster House
This is why the Tahiti Pergola is a must have accessory for your garden this season. Its versatile design means you control how much shade, or exposure, you get from your structure thanks to its retractable canopy. Made from HTPE knotted cloth this canopy is highly durable and, as the material is cut to size and pre threaded, it’s easy to install.  At intermittent sections of the Canopy, there are aluminium bars with a ring on either end. The wire, found at the top of the Pergola, helps support the material and makes retracting the canopy smoother and easier.  When you’ve retracted or extended the Canopy to its ideal position, simply tie it off on our stainless steel fixing before settling down underneath with a cool drink.

A structure is nothing without a good foundation which is why our Tahiti Pergola features significant 86mm x 86mm square posts. In addition to being strong, the slow grown Spruce is pressure treated for longevity. The treatment process forces the non toxic, copper chrome treatment deep into the timber, protecting it against rot and fungal decay for 10 years without the need to annually retreat it.  This saves you time, money and energy in maintaining your Pergola – once it’s up, it’s good to go. At the bottom of the Pergola are large metal base plates, made from zinc plated steel, which have sleeves that allow the posts to simply fit inside before being securely fastened.

We know your gardens come in different shapes and sizes, and that the sun hits each garden differently, which is why we offer individual roller curtains for you to customise your Pergola. Made from the same mould resistant, synthetic fibre as the Pergolas canopy, these can be attached to the top beam with the fixings provided. Each curtain can be rolled down individually so you can maximise your privacy, protection and exposure how you want too. You could add curtains to all four sides if you choose to – it’s completely up to you! Please note: these are sold individually so you’ll need to buy two if you want to enclose a side.

The Tahiti Pergola is both unique in design and practical for use throughout the years. To order yours today, and give your garden that special something it’s been missing,  visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

July 19, 2016

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