Customer Reviews: 250 Vantage Summerhouse

Customer Review Summerhouse Dunter House

We love getting customer reviews on our products! The more detailed the better as they allow us to see what you like, don’t like etc more clearly so our design team can keep making bigger and better models.

The below review was sent in by R and P Cooke after they purchased their 250 Vantage Summerhouse:

I did a self erect and was very pleased with the instruction leaflets and the quality of materials and manufacturing.

We are also extremely pleased with the design and features, particularly the opening windows and full size doors.

The appearance is first class and the 250 Vantage is certainly an asset to our garden and enhances the pleasure, with a lovely garden room to enjoy the surroundings.

The Summer House is set under our trees and amongst the shrubs.

I would suggest that consideration be given to the erection service that is offered, as had we wished to avail ourselves of that service, we wouldn’t have been able to. The reason for this is the conditions where trees, shrubs and other garden features needed to be well clear of the Summer House. Consequently we would not have been able to erect the Summer House in the preferred location.

For your information, I did paint and varnish before erection. This meant that maximum protection was given to the new wood.

Also, I made a modification to the fitting of the roof ball and cover plate. Your recommendations are that the ball is bolted to the cover plate and the cover plate is screwed to the roof. I used a long treaded rod, which enabled me to firstly fix the ball to the cover plate and secondly pass the rod through the roof spider and hold the cover plate down with nuts tightened on the spider. This made a good weather tight seal between the cover plate and the roof.

I also fixed the Brindle tiles to the upper sections of the roof, before erection and then slid the lower tiles under when I fixed the lower sections. This made the job easier for me.

The whole experience was a good one and we can stand back and admire and enjoy a good investment.



Customer Review Summerhouse Dunter House

July 31, 2014

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