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BalconyFort Climbing Frame from Dunster House

Our wide range of Climbing Frames are designed to appeal to varied age ranges and fit all styles of garden. As soon as William saw the BalconyFort Searcher Climbing Frame, he knew it was the one for him (and his children). William was really impressed with his Climbing Frame and left us a detailed review of his experience and how his BalconyFort Searcher has benefited him and his children:

BalconyFort Climbing Frame from Dunster HouseHere’s what William had to say

‘’ The Balcony Fort searcher was the only choice for my family. I have three boys 4 and under, so thought carefully about what kind of frame to get. The balcony feature is really what sold it to me as our field looks out towards a valley and you really get a sense that this is a defence post or watch tower incase of enemy attacks –

I felt that the potential for such role play would be very much heightened by this aspect… and immediately my eldest once on the open balcony began interacting with the landscape by inventing a game of ‘defend the tower’, and soon the others joined in. At the time of writing this I have constructed the tower element and need to construct the monkey bars and side ladder but can already see how much of a benefit this frame will have on my childens physical and emotional development.”

”At £600 I think this is a bargain. It’s bigger than I thought and extremely well made. It has been a real labour of love. I perhaps underestimated the amount of time needed to put this up but as it takes shape and the build nears completion I feel a tremendous pride in building this for my children. I’ve managed most of this my self but had to have help in joining the 4 posts to the deck, moving it into place, the roof installation is easy enough but requires two and it really does help to have an extra eye to keep levels straight or even to pass the correct component to you.”

He continued by saying

”So you have to construct everything yourself apart from the roof and floors x 2. I’d have been happier if the ladder, lower side panels and balcony sides had been pre made but there is probably several reasons why they are not, it just requires a competent level of skill to make them.

My installation was made more difficult as I have set it in a sloping field. So, I had to make some calculations and dig a 17cm to 0cm foundation over 1000mm x 1000mm to ensure a level field. But once done and all screwed in, it really is a solid structure. So to conclude, I would recommend this beautiful frame without hesitation but allow yourself plenty of time to plan and execute the installation. Go for it…’’

The Climbing Frame is ideal for his garden landscape. It provides his sons with the perfect scenery in which to invent games and let their imaginations run wild.

The BalconyFort Searcher Climbing Frame W4.9m x D4.4m starts from £729.99.

To order yours today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

March 26, 2017

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