Customer Review: Erin Gazebo

Gazebo from Dunster House

When you look at the Erin Gazebo, you immediately think it is the ideal cover for a hot tub thanks to the Perspex dome. However, Mark decided to break the mould and transform his into a BBQ shack. He has further extended his outdoor living space just in time for summer, he now has plenty of space to entertain family and friends. He can cook throughout the day and as it approaches night time, fire the BBQ up again and look up at the stars!

Gazebo from Dunster House


‘’Spent all bank holiday building my bbq shack.. Thanks for a great product.. Easy to assemble and clear instructions’’

The Erin Gazebo features louvre panels which you can open and close so you have complete control of how open, or enclosed, your Gazebo is. This is important for Mark as it is going to get extremely smoky inside whilst cooking on his BBQ so the louvre panels provide him with much needed ventilation. As with the half height solid wall panels and full height solid wall panels, you can customise the look of your Gazebo by choosing to have the Louvre panels on all three sides, two sides or on a single wall.

Gazebo from Dunster House

*The Erin Gazebo starts from £669.99. To order yours today, or learn more about our customisation options, visit our website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. To submit your picture and review to our customer reviews section, get in touch via email (, visit the product page on our website and click add review or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +.

April 21, 2017

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