Customer Review: PremiumPlus Rhine

Rhine Log Cabin from Dunster House

So, you have just finished installing your dream cabin, now comes the difficult part of designing the interior to match not only your style but your budget. We all have varying tastes and styles and different ideas on how we want the interior of the cabin to look. However, this can be expensive, sofa’s, curtains and carpets can all cost a fortune. If you need an extra special retreat, but don’t want to spends loads decorating it, take a leaf out of Jan’s book, EVERYTHING in her Rhine cabin is recycled/upcycled from what she had…proving you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a special place.

Rhine Log Cabin Decoration

Here’s what Jan had to say

‘’Hi there .. I thought you might like to see your ‘finished’ Rhine Log Cabin .. we started building it in October .. not recommended in the Borders of Scotland! … I’ve called it ‘Diary of a Log Cabin’ …. it’s been a long project, but well worth it and I’ve ended up with my own little space AKA … ‘The She Shed’ lol’’

The 28mm thick walls feature deep tongue and groove which not only helps your cabin fit together like a jigsaw but also allows for the natural movement of the timber preventing gaps appearing over time. Jan can step inside, shut the doors and windows behind her, and enjoy a cosy night – no matter what the weather is doing. She opted for large windows and doors so her cabin gets even more light during the day to ensure she has a warm, cosy environment to relax by herself or with family and friends.

Rhine Log Cabin Decoration

* The PremiumPlus Rhine Log Cabin W4.0m x D3.0m starts from £1,960.99. To order today, or find out more, visit our website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

May 14, 2017

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