Customer Reviews: Atlas Gazebo W6.0m x D3.0m

Customer Reviews Atlas Gazebo Dunster House

You guys really do know how to make my Monday mornings a lot more bearable – you send us such great images and reviews. Francis Hodgson sent these beautiful images of his Atlas Gazebo standing proud in his garden with the sun beating down on it. In the latest of our customer reviews, Francis goes into detail surrounding his choice of purchase.

Looking at the pictures, the Gazebo not only provides shelter for Francis’s visitors but also shelters the BBQ whilst allowing smoke to float upwards into the air – nothing is stopping the garden parties this summer!

Customer Reviews Atlas Gazebo Dunster HouseHere’s what Francis had to say

You will be aware that my order was for an Atlas 6 x 3 open gazebo which I have now fully erected on my patio. I thought you may like some feedback and photos.

I found Dunster House staff good to deal with although some information I got from the sales team prior to purchase was inaccurate. Thus I found it difficult to get accurate information about how the roof shingle tiles were fitted around the hip corners and the ridge. However, the information sheets that came with the shingle tiles was good. Although it had no suggestions as to fitting the ends of the ridge nor how to fix the last tile.

The timber was good although quite knotty and all cuts were accurate and it fit together pretty good, although the t&g roof boards easily split when nailed near the ends, the instructions clearly stated that all holes had to be pre-drilled prior to screwing to prevent splitting, but pre-drilling all the nail holes was really a non starter. Maybe a different type of nail could be used for this purpose – no idea what though. I had adequate roof shingles but sadly short of clout nails for the shingles, although I had plenty of these on hand so it wasn’t a problem for me. The amount of screws and roof board nails was also adequate.

He continued by saying

The completed structure is very sturdy and looks good. I have added; an eaves tray (or eaves protector) which fits direct to the roof boards under the waterproof membrane and shingles. It ensures the roof timbers stay dry and don’t rot through in time with being constantly wet, rainwater guttering and internal lights

Personally I would have liked much more detailed information about the structure. In particular the roof tiles prior to purchase. It wouldn’t have changed my mind but I would have been more confident in my purchase. One of the photo’s shows a close up of the roof tiles on one of the hip corners. If I had seen this prior to purchase I wouldn’t have been so concerned about a waterproof membrane. Although I am happy I did fit a membrane.  Please feel free to use any of the photo’s should you wish to.

All in all a great product with good support from Dunster House staff. I have no problem in recommending Dunster House to my family and friends.

Hope this is helpful in maintaining and improving your high standards.

Best Regards
Francis Hodgson

Customer Reviews Atlas Gazebo Dunster House

June 8, 2015

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