Customer Reviews: Auval Log Cabin

Customer Reviews: Auval Log Cabin from Dunster House Exterior Design

Auval Log Cabin

On a Friday, all you can think about is the 48 hours off of work ahead of you but, on a Sunday night, its hard not to start thinking about the working week ahead. Waking up early, feeling rushed, long commutes, traffic..urgh, it gives you a headache just thinking about it. Nicola was in the same situation when she had to move to a smaller house – there was no where to focus on her arts and crafts which was leaving her frustrated. Fortunately for her, she found a solution and is using our customer reviews to show why our Auval Log Cabin was the solution she was looking for.

Customer Reviews: Auval Log Cabin from Dunster House Exterior Design

“Moving to a smaller house meant having nowhere to craft. Having my Dunster shed has given me the space to enjoy my favourite crafts again in peace. Love it!”

Customer Reviews: Auval Log Cabin from Dunster House

Wide opening doors and toughened glass

Although only W3.5m x D3.0m, there is plenty of room inside for Nicola to store everything she needs. As space is limited, Nicola opted for our Auval Log Cabin with unique bi-folding doors. These doors open up flat against the Log Cabin, saving more space by opening flat along the cabin. When closed, the large panes of 4mm toughened glass let in plenty of light. So Nicola doesn’t have to worry about her crafts taking her late into the night. Certainly beats an early morning commute, doesn’t it?

Customer Reviews: Auval Log Cabin from Dunster House with lights

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November 18, 2016

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