Customer Reviews: Avon Garden Office

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

We love hearing adding to our Customer Reviews section, particularly what they use their Dunster House products for! Here we have an article from John Fannon who purchased and constructed one of our Avon Garden Offices last year. And he hasn’t looked back since. This is what he had to say about his Dunster House experience!

Here’s what he said

“I purchased an Avon Garden Office from you last year. We have a three-bed house and I previously used the 3rd Bedroom as an office for my small business (a Geographic Information Systems consultancy –, but we had an addition to the family which took preference over the office space! We looked at the cost of an extension which was going to be £40k plus. Also looked at renting an office space which was going to be around £400/month. The garden office option was therefore an obvious choice because of the price and convenience. It would also pay for itself when compared to renting space in 1-2 years.

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

The main reasons for going with a log cabin office from Dunster House were:

  • Price – I built the cabin myself (with some help) and including the concrete base, electrics, flooring and paint etc, the total cost was around £5k, a fraction of the cost of an extension!
  • Quality – we visited your site near Bedford and looked at the range and quality, which all seemed really good.
  • Timescales – the office was delivered quickly and was installed over a few weeks and was usable as an office – an extension would probably have taken over a year.
  • The features available – insulation was a big bonus, as were double glazing and premium doors.

I’ve been using the office for over a year and have no regrets whatsoever in choosing the Avon. It fulfilled all the requirements and is now a very comfortable and relaxing place to work.

John Fannon

I operate a Mapping and Geographic Information Systems consultancy business (see for more information), providing GIS and digital mapping consultancy, software and data services to our clients which include Severn Trent Water, the NHS and Thames Valley Police. As a business our goal is to enable clients to make better use of spatial (locational) information to aid decision-making. For example, we recently undertook some analysis for the NHS to generate various ambulance drive-time boundaries for several major trauma centres in order for them to understand which trauma centre would be best to use depending on the location of the patient. This information is now actively being used as part of the decision-making process.

After self-building it with my Dad’s help during summer 2011, I had power installed and ran the telecoms myself. I then fitted office furniture from my previous office in the house, which fitted nicely. The office is so well insulated that it requires very little heating in the winter and last year had air conditioning installed which keeps it cool during the hottest summer days. It really is an ideal solution because it’s quiet and detached from the house, which helps to separate work and family life.

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

Customer Reviews Avon Garden Office Dunster House

Currently it’s just myself that uses the office. However there is certainly room for another person if required in the future. A neighbour who also works from home has also since purchased an Avon from Dunster after seeing how good ours was!”

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February 8, 2013

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