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I really do love receiving your customer reviews as it means I can show people how you use them all year round and Grahams in no different. He decided to add a BalconyFort Searcher Climbing Frame to his garden. This means that Graham’s children can still play and run around at their own personal park everyday without Graham having to stand out in the freezing cold like he would at a park.

He is very happy with his latest addition:

We decided to go for the Balcony version for the extra floor space and it was well worth it. Overall very happy with the product, delivery was well organised and the package came well packed. All the timber was in perfect order with no damaged or warped bits. Plus all lengths were cut to the exact mm!

The build was pretty straightforward with no complicated bits, instructions were easy to follow. I did however build it in parts in the garage. As i found it useful to have a level floor to work on. That way everything went together square. I think if it was built on an uneven lawn some bits may not fit together to well.

When I assembled the roof I noticed that there was no ridge piece in the plans for the peak of the roof to finish it off. so i made my own from a right-angled length of timber and oil stained it to match and it finished the roof of perfect. Due to the layout of our garden I decided to swap the position of the slide and climbing wall. Which was easy to do as both openings are identical.

On the monkey bar rungs I found splinter type bits where the grain of the wood tapered off. These had to be cut off and smoothed down before any little hands got on them. No big deal as i spotted it during construction. The kids love it……


The BalconyFort Searcher W4.7m x D3.8m  looks fantastic in Graham’s garden, giving his children an adventure park in the safety of his back garden. With a climbing wall, monkey bars, wavy slide and swings to play with, they’ll have plenty of things to keep them entertained. Graham has swapped one of the moulded swings with our baby swings (available as an optional extra) so children of all ages can play.

Order one  for just £729.99 today by visiting our website or calling our sales team on 01234 272 445

November 16, 2015

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