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BBQ Stove Dunster House

Graham Scullions images make me very hungry! He can cook not one but two full fry ups, possibly three, on his Hope BBQ Stove. Ideal for family camping trips where you are always woken up by the low growl coming from your stomach. Despite using his Hope BBQ Stove for breakfast in these images, as Graham says, the Hope BBQ Stove can cook almost anything.

In his own words

 Here are a couple of shots I took on Sunday, unfortunately the rain came before the eggs cooked, but you get the idea.  The pans I use are like sizzlers, you cook directly on the cast iron griddle and eat directly from them.  They retain the heat and you place on wooden plates. You can of course just use a frying pan and transfer to plates.  You can really cook anything on this stove, temperature controlled by the main fire slide and the flue control, its all down to using it often.  Open fires are not normally allowed on campsites so I always ask, on only a couple of occasions have I been refused.

The Hope Stove is clearly more than a stove; it is a portable kitchen that allows you to cook dinner, heat drinks to keep you warm at chilly nights. We can’t do anything about the aching back you’ll get from sleeping on the hard ground. However, we can make sure you are warm and well fed!

BBQ Stove Dunster House BBQ Stove Dunster House

July 9, 2015

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