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Customer Reviews Dunster House Rhine Cabin

In the latest of our customer reviews, Chris lets us know exactly why he loves his Log Cabin so much. He sent us an absolutely wonderful email expressing how much he loves his PremiumPlus Rhine Log Cabin! We are thrilled that Chris loves his cabin and know that he will enjoy it for years to come!

Here are Chris’ own words:


We are absolutely delighted with all aspects of our new Rhine Premium Plus cabin. It is warm , comfortable, large and secure enough to be a store. It’s also a lovely garden room. We have been down sizing our house and the space in the cabin has made that process so much easier.

Pre purchase advice and support was excellent and thorough. Making it easier and reassuring to make the plans for the project. Being able to purchase the grid foundation system might have been useful to get the foundation laid prior to delivery. However, the foundation making worked well in the end.

Because the version we bought had a double skin, time spent post delivery sorting and labelling the various sections was vital. I also found the plastic electrical tape very useful for binding groups of planks together. And masking tape to make labels. I have included a picture of the delivery truck to give people an idea of the size of the load.

Chris also added..

The main structure with the first layer of the roof was put up in two days with a team of four. This was reassuring as I thought there might be problems with the weather. In the end the weather stayed fine and I was able to get the doors, windows, roof tiles etc done on and off over the next month. I have left putting on the side store until next spring as I have been busy on the house

The quality of the materials was excellent and everything fitted together with no problems of warping or splitting. The supply of screws etc was generous and although you supplied spare boards we were able to manage without. However, it was reassuring to know that we had them.

At one point I was confused about the door frame and seemed to be missing a piece until I realised that the top and bottom sections were packed and slotted together.

The cabin is much admired by friends and neighbours, with envious comments from some – the grandchildren are already planning sleep-overs for next summer!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.


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December 6, 2014

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