Customer Reviews: Coronet Log Cabin

Customer Reviews: Coronet Log Cabin Dunster House

I’ve always dreamed of having an office. I wanted one in the house at first but, after seeing Sue Flints Customer Reviews, that changed to a Log Cabin writing retreat. Sues Coronet Log Cabin has changed from her work office to her writing retreat and it looks spectacular! As its less than 2.5m high, Sue has tucked her Cornet into the corner so she can still maximise the rest of her garden!

Customer Reviews: Coronet Log Cabin Dunster House Interior

We asked Sue to send us a customer review to accompany her stunning images ( she shared them with me on our Twitter page) and, as a writer does, she sent a spectacular one. Check it out:

Purchasing a Dunster House log cabin 5 years ago was the best money I have ever spent.  I initially used it as my business for private practice counselling, saving me a fortune in office rental.  For the last year, however, it has become my writing space where my first novel is almost complete.  When I retired I redecorated the inside to be ‘girly’ pink as I wanted a totally feminine space.  It developed into a theme of birds and birdhouses, quite apt for a garden she-shed.  I painted an old chair pink and covered its seat with suitable material, hung pink voile curtains and replaced the brown cushions with fluffy hearts and shabby chic ones you see in garden centres but don’t buy for the home.

It is a place of peace only steps away from the phone, tv, household chores and other daily distractions.  I can be totally focused inside this little haven. In summer I open the windows and let in the breeze and birdsong and in winter I switch on the heater and kettle and snuggle down to write another chapter of my novel, read a book, research on the computer or compose a blog or two. (See Sue Flint’s Musings on

I have one or two friends who come for the day and shut themselves away in my garden sanctuary, for quiet time to think and reflect, to rest and refresh themselves.  It is my privilege to be able to share my special place with others when needed.

Oh yes, and just occasionally, my husband and I use the cabin as a summer house, sitting with a glass of wine enjoying the cool of the evening and chatting until it is dark and my twinkling lights draw in the moths.  Then it is time to lock up, go indoors and watch a bit of television.

I recommend Dunster House to those who enquire about my special place, the service is excellent and the price reflects the quality and serviceability. Its uses are endless depending on ones hobbies or even as an extra room for guests to sleep in.


Customer Reviews: Coronet Log Cabin Dunster House Interior

Panes of 4mm toughened glass in the double doors and side windows let in lots of light during the day giving Sue a bright, airy and spacious environment to work. The thick walls (Sue opted for 45mm but you can choose between 28mm, 45mm or 130mm) provide a cosy, sheltered space to write late into the night when inspiration hits!

Customer Reviews: Coronet Log Cabin Dunster House Interior

*PremiumPlus Coronet W3.0m x D3.0m Log Cabin starts from just £1,699.99 in our Black Discount, offering you a saving of £155. To order yours today, visit our website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

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