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Climbing Frame Dunter House

A unique entry to our customer reviews from Steve Wilson, and his 10 year old daughter Amber, who both wanted to express their gratitude for our FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame that will certainly make the summer holidays a lot more fun. Your unique way of making the most of Climbing Frames still shocks me, Steve turned the sheltered area of the Climbing Frame into a reading corner where Amber can sit outside and lose herself into her favourite novel.

I like that it has a lot to do and it keeps me busy for hours on end. I also like that you have to build it yourself as it gave me a chance to help my Daddy. I also like that the swings, monkey swing and ring trapeze are easy to change and swap around. I sometimes sit in my fort chilling out and reading a book (Amber Wilson aged 10)

From a self build point of view the pictures were quite difficult to follow. In my opinion allowing for 2 screws per slat would be better. The whole climbing frame is sturdy and well made. We would recommend Dunster House to our friends and family and will consider purchasing other products.

Customer Reviews FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame Dunster House

July 11, 2015

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