Customer Reviews: FortPlus Escape

FortPlus Escape climbing frame from Dunster House

In our long list of happy customer reviews we have Claire’s too. She purchased a FortPlus Escape climbing frame for her children.

A climbing frame is never just a climbing frame. Not to your children anyway. To them its a castle that lets them look out over the kingdom they rule, a pirate ship bravely sailing across the rough waters of the seven seas or an obstacle course they need to make it across without touching the floor (its lava, you know). A climbing frame encourages your children off of the sofa and out into the fresh air, stimulating their 4 playstyles and giving them a place to exert their built up energy. Claire recognised this and, to ensure her children don’t miss out, bought them a FortPlus Escape for their garden.

“Fantastic climbing frame. Excellent quality. My kids love it. Reasonably priced when compared to other manufacturers. Would definitely recommend this product”

The FortPlus Escape comes with a thick wavy slide, climbing wall, monkey bars and moulded swings as standard but Claire has gone one step further by taking advantage of our optional extras. She swapped one of our moulded swings for a baby seat so all of her children, and their friends, can enjoy it no matter what their age.

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