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BBQ Stove Dunster House

Summer is here, the sun is shining and the rain has (albeit temporarily) gone away which can mean only one thing: BBQ season. The weather is perfect to pack your children up in the car and spend a weekend technology free in a tent with a stunning view of the countryside. After all the driving, hiking and construction (who made tent instructions so hard to read?) you will inevitably be hungry. As the night can get a little chilly, what you need is a filling, warm meal that leaves you feeling stuffed.

Our Hope BBQ Stove offers you the opportunity to not only cook fantastic meals, like Lindy has done, but will also keep the chill off as it provides substantial heat when telling ghost stories at midnight. Simply pack the collapsible BBQ up, take some jacket potatoes and pre-prepared chilli with you and you will have a fantastic meal that will warm you through and through. The hot chocolate it makes is UNBELIVEABLE – just imagine sitting down, the roaring of a gentle fire beside you while you toast smores (the door to the BBQ can be opened making it perfect for this) and a piping hot cup of cocoa in your hand. Nothing sounds as good.

I generally use my stove with the door open as I like to see the fire, and as you may be able to see I’ve perfected the art of making toast on it, using a trivet from the bottom of an old pressure cooker.

Bacon sandwiches never tasted so good!

BBQ Stove Dunster House BBQ Stove Dunster House

June 27, 2015

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