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Cutomer Reviews Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

This is the perfect Christmas present – a review of one of our products. We receive lots of comments and images via our Facebook page, which is great, but we do love when people email in pictures and say a few words about their product. John Crawford is very happy with his Vantage 250 Summerhouse and we can see why! It looks fantastic next to his house, a real conversation starter.


Because of other commitments it took me a long time to get round to putting up the summerhouse. Which was delivered in April. However, it is now completed and I am very pleased with it. The instructions were very good and the pieces all fitted perfectly.

I decided to put the summerhouse at the side of my house. So that it would catch the south west sun. We will use it to protect our patio plants during the winter. And we will keep more delicate plants in it throughout the year.

I slightly modified the tiles to give them an old fashioned shape, which I think looks attractive.

Thanks for the product, it is excellent value for money and it is not just for back gardens, it is quite good enough to be seen at the front of any house.


Although he has modified the tiles we think this Summerhouse looks lovely and catches the winter sun perfectly. However, we would advise against modifications as they can affect the design of our cabins.


Cutomer Reviews Summerhouse Dunster House Cutomer Reviews Summerhouse Dunster House


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December 29, 2014

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