Customer Reviews: Lantera Sunlight

Customer Reviews: Lantera Log Cabin from Dunster House with furniture and decoration

Perfect home office

If my office looked like this, I don’t think I would ever leave. Evenings, weekends, weekdays – I would live in it. It’s stunning. Neil sent in the below images and review to our customer reviews inbox on behalf of his wife, Jo, who I assume was too busy making her amazing prints for her business From The Long Room. Despite Neil was a DIY novice, he managed to build the cabin in a week. It looks absolutely stunning. When his wife needs a break from her intricate work, she has a very cosy corner to rest a little. I repeat: how do you ever leave your cabin?

Customer Reviews: Lantera Log Cabin from Dunster House with furniture and decorationNeil’s words about our log cabin:

“Cabin is great – high quality and now it’s finished it looks superb. The process of getting there was somewhat of a challenge. Also, the building was made more difficult by the instructions not being appropriate for a complete novice (like me). It was a week between getting the wood and putting it up (with it taking a few days to get the foundations right). Despite the base being as it should be some of the beams had twisted and were a struggle to lock in. The video on YouTube on how to build it was invaluable. An even longer version of this for beginners would be handier. I’d certainly recommend it to others”

Customer Reviews: Lantera Log Cabin from Dunster House

Ideal working place

Jo opted for the Sunlight Log Cabin giving her an amazing view of the garden whilst she works. Certainly ideal for when the kids are playing outside. The windows are made from 4mm toughened glass. Therefore, they can easily withstand a few knocks from a football kicked at it. We know, we’ve hit ours with a brick. No commute, no stress, no excessive costs – just a place that oozes inspiration the minute she steps in it. How would you decorate yours?

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November 20, 2016

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