Customer Reviews: Lil Lodge

Lil Lodge Climbing Frame Dunster House

Okay so I have a confession.. this isn’t one of our customer reviews. Not really. The little girl in the picture actually belongs to one of our HR advisors, Kim. She came into work this morning excited to show me images of her daughter having a great time on our Lil Lodge Climbing Frame (we are a very proud team here, as you can guess)

The Lil Lodge Climbing Frame gives Kim’s daughter, and your children, the chance to use their imagination as they turn the ‘house’ into anything they want it to be. Maybe it will be a secret den (no adults allowed), maybe they’ll treat it like a house, a shop, a hairdressers or simply as a place to sit and read their favourite books – there is no limitation to what they can do.

Lil Lodge Climbing Frame Dunster House


After they have played for hours, you may have trouble getting them to come in for refreshments (they’ll be having to much fun) but when, and if, you can convince them to come down then its just a quick whizz down the wavy slide.

Lil Lodge Climbing Frame Dunster House


The Lil Lodge gives your child everything they need to truly relax and let their imagination soar all year long. They’ll be having so much fun that slobbing out in front of the TV will be just a distant memory! Visit our website or call 01234 272 445 for more information

August 17, 2015

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