Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier

Customer Reviews Climbing Frame MaxiFort Frontier Dunster House

I am babysitting my niece and nephews tonight and, although I am excited, I am nervous. Normally I look after them during the day and we go to the park to burn off all of the energy. This hasn’t changed because of the weather, they are still as excited to play as before, but I am more reluctant to freeze while watching them. I clearly am not as smart as James Green who added a MaxiFort Frontier W4.9m x D4.5m to his garden allowing his children to play as long as they want in the safety of his back garden. It means not only will the kids have fun but James can stay warm with a cup of tea. He hasn’t looked back:

Our family are so made up with our new climbing frame, our two kids have been all over it since we finished building it and love it! Build wise, I did it over three days and had a bit of help from my father-in-law […] the instructions were clear and concise and easy enough for a DIY-er to follow. Now the whole thing is built, the structure is solid and looks to be very hard wearing, (although not recommended by Dunster, even I’ve had a go on the swing & monkey bars. I’ve still got a bit of work to do with the land around it (hilly garden) but its a fantastic product, worth the money and we’re very pleased with it.

(Photo submitted shows the frame complete minus the climbing wall).

Customer Reviews Climbing Frame MaxiFort Frontier Dunster House


The MaxiFort Frontier W4.9m x D4.5m has so many great things to keep Johns, and your, children entertained for hours on end. No more sitting on the sofa glued to their tablets, phones on latest gadget and definitely no more complaining of nothing to do. They could swing across the Monkeybars, go high on the swings, whizz down the slide or brave the climbing wall. John has chosen to stop one of his moulded swings for a duoseat allowing two people to play at once.

To order a MaxiFort Frontier W4.9m x D4.5m today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445!

January 15, 2016

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