Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier

Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame Dunster House

It can be difficult to judge when the best time is to take your child to the park, especially with how sporadic the weather has been lately. You always have the risk of rain ruining the fun before its really begun, resulting in bored, restless children stuck in the house when its sunny outside because grey clouds could appear! Olivia wasn’t going to let the weather determine whether her daughter got to play or not so added our MaxiFort Frontier to her garden. Read Olivia’s customer reviews on our maxifort frontier:

Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame Dunster House

“We purchased this product for our four & a half year old daughter. My husband managed to put it together on his own & only had help moving the tower part onto the grass. It’s very sturdy & will last for years. The day it was all up, my neighbours children were round playing on it! I’m sure it will bring hours of fun for my daughter & her friends. Thanks Dunster House”

Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame Dunster House

The MaxiFort Frontier gives Olivia’s daughter her very own play park right on her doorstep. Now she can play in the sunshine with her friends. If it rains, they can simply come in and wait for it to pass. It boasts a thick wavy slide, two swings, monkey bars, climbing wall, ladder and a sheltered platform. It definitely bring years of entertainment for Olivia’s daughter.

The Climbing Frame is made from pressure treated timber. This non toxic, arsenic free, copper chrome treatment means you don’t have to apply treatment for up to 10 years. Just build it and its ready to go! To ensure your child’s safety, all of our Climbing Frames are independently tested to CE EN71.

The MaxiFort Frontier W4.9m x D4.5m starts from just £632.99. To find out more, or order yours today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

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June 18, 2016

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