Customer Reviews: MaxiFort Frontier

Customer Reviews MaxiFort Frontier

I was already in a great mood when I came in, knowing that it is just one more sleep until Friday but then I received Peter Watts customer review of his Maxifort Frontier and my day was made. He gave our product a 5* rating which is always great but I love the pictures he attached to the email – his granddaughter looks so happy playing. I totally agree with Peter’s review – it is a shame we didn’t have this when I was younger – it certainly would have had my mums job a lot easier as I would have never been in the house!Customer Reviews MaxiFort Frontier Dunster House

An excellent product – a great pity this wasn’t available 40 yrs ago for my children. Only two small quibbles – the green plastic washers etc are brittle in cold weather and just cracked when I assembled it in March. It was difficult to assemble the ladders as the rungs etc were damp, presumably by rain before the package was delivered – but a couple of sash clamps eventually sorted it out.

Two suggestions – an option of a child’s swing is essential for the younger child. Also a bean bag or something similar is needed at the bottom of the slide. You could with confidence reduce the suggested age range to less than 3 as my granddaughter mastered the ladder to the deck within a couple of visits and the climbing wall not much later. Overall a great acquisition and I can’t recommend it too highly.


Please note: You can choose to purchase a child’s swing for younger people via our optional extras page

Customer Reviews MaxiFort Frontier Dunster House












Let your kids go to the beach every day with their very own Maxifort Frontier wooden climbing frame. They can play safely on the sandy shores of their own private beach or they can climb the cliff edges on their own climbing wall with professional level climbing stones, not forgetting that they can slip away from the sea monsters down the wavy slide! Your kids can swing to the roof tops safely on one of the swings with non-rust ropes or upgrade to a duo seat to give them twice the fun. 

Visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to make sure you have one of these Climbing Frames in your home. If you want to submit your review and images to our Customer Reviews section then email your review, along with as many images as possible, to

June 5, 2015

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