Customer Reviews: MegaFort Mountain

Customer Reviews: MegaFort Mountain Climbing Frame from Dunster House

Wow, doesn’t the MegaFort Mountain look fantastic in Andy’s garden! I would have been so excited to have one of these in my garden everyday when I came home from school, I bet his kids are too. There will be no stopping them, and their friends, when they come over after school. With monkey bars, swings, climbing wall, ladder, slide and optional extras (more below). There is plenty to keep them all happy!

Customer Reviews: MegaFort Mountain Climbing Frame from Dunster HouseHere’s what he said

“Fantastic product, delivered quickly. Good detailed instructions, as long as you’re reasonably handy should be no problem. Due to layout of my garden, I actually built the Megafort Mountain in a mirrored configuration. Just needed a bit of thought and some extra holes drilling. My daughter thinks I am god, she loves it. Good quality wood and parts. NO complaints. Highly recommended.”

Customer Reviews: MegaFort Mountain Climbing Frame from Dunster House

Andy has swapped his moulded swings for a Ring Trapeze and Knotted Rope – what will you swap yours for?

Andy has opted to utilise our varied range of optional extras by swapping out his moulded plastic swings for a ring trapeze and knotted rope. These can easily be interchanged for the moulded plastic swings giving his kids more variety when playing. After hours of running around (because kids never want to stop, do they), they have a sheltered picnic area where they can sit and catch their breath!

*The MegaFort Mountain MKII W7.1m x D4.9m starts from £1,114.99. To order your Climbing Frame today, or find more information, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you would prefer we call you, fill in our Contact us page and we will get back to you. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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October 19, 2016

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