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Dunster House Climbing Frame MegaFort

With Christmas just 14 days away, all parents are thinking about the same thing: Christmas break. For the next few weeks you will need to entertain your children whilst working. Trying to run a house, preparing for Christmas and achieving everything else you need to over the festive period. At first they will be happy to sit in front of the television or on their games console. However as time goes on, they will start to get bored. Once bored they’ll become disruptive and noisy, the last thing you need.

Summer Holidays Climbing Frame Dunster House

The latest of our customer reviews focuses on Tanya Southern’s active solution to this problem. She decided to add a MegaFort Mountain┬áto her garden as its the gift that just keeps on giving. Now the weekends, evenings and holidays are spent with her children running around happily playing on the monkey bars, rock wall, bridge or wavy slide and, when they get tired, they can simply sit at the picnic table and have a drink!

My four children spend hours out in the garden. I love it when the kids disappear into the fort for ages, peace for me.


To give your children an amazing place to spend hours playing, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

December 11, 2015

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