Customer Reviews: PP Avon W3.0m x D5.0m

Customer Reviews Avon Log Cabin

One of the best parts of my job is that it allows me to be nosey! You send in your pictures and reviews for our Customer Reviews section. That lets me take a look into your gardens. Also see how you have chosen to decorate it. And you guys certainly have impressed me!

Lee needed a space to store all of his tools and equipments in a safe, sheltered space. A where he could work whether rain or shine. He didn’t have a lot of space in his garden and had spent months researching before he found the PremiumPlus Avon W3.0m x D5.0m¬†– the Log Cabin¬†really adds to the garden, fitting in with the rest of the garden that he has clearly worked so hard on. Much better than a rickety old shed that has holes, damp and unplaned timber (although we can’t promise there won’t be spiders).

Customer Reviews Avon Log Cabin

In Lee’s own words…

Having spent months researching and comparing we decided on the Avon 5m by 3m log cabin. Really wish I could have gone bigger but available room just wouldn’t allow it. Dunster don’t do bespoke cabins but there are enough designs to find what would fit our needs. The delivery driver was helpful and gave invaluable advice about stacking everything in the correct order for ease of retrieval later ( thank you). Because my cabin was going on a block paved area which has a slope my bearers needed to be cut to get the cabin level. That was pretty much the most complicated part. Once the bearers and damp proof sheet were laid and and secured the cabin was built in 3 days.

I managed to do the entire build on my own but would suggest help with the roof truss as they are petty heavy. I managed to get the shingles on in hall a day and they look great. Easier to fit on a windy day than rolls of felt! The logs go together really easy. But you need to check each log before you fit it to see what ” bend” is on it. A couple of logs were quite bowed so these had to be left on a flat surface until the end to straighten them up. If you do your measurements and preparation on the first 2 courses the cabin goes up straight and easy. As I said before, I did this all on my own and it took me 3 days. I reckon 2 people could get the cabin up and ready for the roof covering in a day. ( I built mine in December so daylight was short)

My only gripes. Instruction booklet is a bit too generic. Would be useful to have a bigger picture of the cabin so you can count the log layers for windows etc. Some of the fittings were useless. However Dunser replaced the very next day free of charge and these were better and stronger […] Will recommend Dunster cabins as they really are good quality and are easy to build.

Customer Reviews Avon Log Cabin

February 5, 2016

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