Customer Reviews: PP Lantera Sunlight

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight

Most of us don’t want to come to work in the morning. Not because we don’t like our jobs but because, after spending weekends relaxing with your friends, you don’t want to come back to the stress of commuting and trying to fit things in around work. Sunday night I always find myself thinking of our customer reviews and, more importantly, the customers that have built a Log Cabin or to work from home – people like Julie Jones who uses our Log Cabin as a beauty salon.

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight

Here’s what Julie said

“I’ve had my own salons for seventeen years and now I am teaching but still wanted to do my regular clients. So we have the perfect salon at home. ”

The clean, chic finish of the slow grown spruce timber combined with the large glass in the windows and door create a spacious environment that lets Julie give her customers a high quality service that’ll guarantee they will return again and again. Located at the end of her garden, Julie’s salon has a beautiful interior with a black and white effect that has a unique, modern and classy feel to it.

By opting for a PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight, Julie has chosen to have large toughened glass windows that allow plenty of natural sunlight in through the day. They also act as natural insulation so when it is a little wet and chilly outside Julie and her client will be nice and warm inside.

With a decorated interior and stylish look to her log cabin Julie utilises the space expertly allowing her and her customer the benefit of a cosy environment where she can solely focus on pampering the lucky client. At just W4.5m x D2.5m, the Log Cabin doesn’t take up much space but opens up Julie’s garden to whole new proportions!

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera SunlightCustomer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera SunlightCustomer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera SunlightCustomer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera SunlightCustomer Reviews: PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight

We love to see how our customers have decorated their log cabins. We provide them to you, ensuring that they are made from high quality materials. Materials that can easily withstand the harshest of elements. However, we do not decorate them. You take these empty cabins and transform them into some fantastic spaces. Either for personal or professional use with plenty of personality added to them to make them truly unique.

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February 27, 2016

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