Customer Reviews: PP Lantera W4.5m x D3.5m

Customer Reviews: Lantera from Dunster House

Its Wednesday and we are half way to the Bank Holiday Weekend. Not only do you get three glorious days off but the working week that follows is just four days. Its the ideal time to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and have fun getting your garden exactly how you want it. From all the stunning images we receive on our customer reviews I had already decided I was going to add a Garden Building to my garden should I ever get one but, after seeing Danny’s Log Cabin, I am now certain of which cabin I am going to get.

Customer Reviews: Lantera from Dunster House

He added the PremiumPlus Lantera W4.5m x D3.5m to the bottom of his garden – as they’re under 2.5m tall Danny didn’t need to worry about planning permission – and transformed it into an entertainment venue. When he contacted us on our Facebook page, he was excited to show us the interior and I can totally see why. It looks amazing. When pictures speak a thousand words, you don’t need a review.

However but the one Danny left certainly was glowing:

Thanks a lot dunster house for top quality cabin/ Bar. We took delivery of our lantera 3.5m by 4.5m. Although we installed the cabin ourselves, the delivery driver always more than happy to give us a few tips and pointers before leaving. The cabin itself is perfect, strong and sturdy, and looks amazing. Always goes down well with friends or family when round for a social! Or as just a little getaway! Would highly recommend dunster house! Top quality cabins and top class service

Customer Reviews: Lantera with Corner Bar

Customer Reviews: Lantera with Corner BarDanny has fully optimised the large interior space he has available. In one corner, he has a fully stocked bar area with all of the drinks he could need to please all his guests. Friends and family can get enjoy their favourite drink whilst catching up on sports or their latest soaps.

Customer Reviews: Lantera Interior Customer Reviews: Lantera Interior Customer Reviews: Lantera InteriorMulti-purpose

When he has finished the game, or simply doesn’t want to sit at the bar anymore, there is a lounge area to enjoy. This ‘lounge area’ features authentic bar stool and a sofa that looks like you could sink comfortably. Danny, and his partner Ria, can spend some quiet time simply enjoying each others company when not entertaining guests. When they want friends over, but not to throw a party, they have their own cinema system including a projector and surround sound to catch up on movies.

Customer Reviews: Lantera Interior Customer Reviews: Lantera from Dunster House

The PremiumPlus Lantera W4.5m x D3.5m starts from as little as £2,069.99. To order yours today, and find out more about the fantastic features that make it stand out from our competitors, visit our website (direct link to the product page here) or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can fill in a request form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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August 25, 2016

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