Customer Reviews: PP Severn W5.0m x D3.0m

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin - Dunster House

PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin

On a Sunday night, it’s hard not to think about the working week ahead. Having to get up early, battle traffic and commute for a long time (I commute 45 mins). I always find myself thinking of the customers who have added Log Cabins or Garden Offices to their garden – giving them an office just a stones throw from the house, customers like Maggie!

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin with sofa

“My new garden office has given me such freedom to run my VA business from home. I can work smarter, I have somewhere to meet clients. Has changed my work life!”

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin with desk and chair

Toughened glass and 4-point interlocking system

Just think about it; no commute, no traffic, later lie ins and less running costs. It really is an ideal solution. The tongue and groove interlocking timber ensures Maggie will remain warm and dry when working late nights and early mornings. When her work is finally done and its time to go home, Maggie can lock her cabin up and rest safe in the knowledge that a combination of both 4mm toughened glass (which is harder to break than the 3mm horticultural glass our competitors sell) and industry leading four point locking system is keeping her stuff safe until she returns in the morning.

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin furnished and decorated

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November 14, 2016

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