Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Avon W3.0m x D3.0m

Customer Reviews PremiumPlus Avon Dunster House

I am always curious when I receive customer reviews that only have exterior shots with them as I then spend hours wondering how you use it. Is it a home gym? A lounge area? A retreat? A beauty room? A hobby room or is it simply a place to spend your precious spare time on the weekends. Trevor White sent me these great images of his PremiumPlus Avon Log Cabin which is beautifully finished and looks striking in the garden.Customer Reviews PremiumPlus Avon Dunster House

We bought this having seen one owned by my brother, the product is truly quality and easy to work with. Erected in two days including shingles, painting applied in a day for one coat and a second the next morning. We have used it extensively already and are most pleased with the outcome. A very friendly and efficient service the delivery team had to fight through unexpected roadworks dig up on the day. They were marvellous.

The packaging is user friendly. With the added bonus that I am using the longest sheet as a blanket when cutting long hedges. No mess so no added sweeping up! Other uses for the sheets will come to warm the soil over winter and allotment friends will use the rest, great reuse method. Thank you Dunster House, a most satisfied customer. PS one tip when building, I used 3 strings to align roof boards, one on the apex and one on each side of the cabin having fixed (temporarily) the fascia boards front and rear. This allowed for butting up straight so no fuss.


Customer Reviews PremiumPlus Avon Dunster House

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June 28, 2015

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