Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Radley Sunlight

Customer Reviews Radley Sunlight Log Cabin Dunster House

Well our Friday has got off to a flying start thanks to the latest of our customer reviews: Nigel Pope. He sent in these pictures of his PremiumPlus Radley Sunlight which is taking pride of place in his garden. Just look at the sunlight streaming through the widows and creating a light space for Nigel to unwind in after a long day at work.


We are very happy with our new summerhouse and have given it a 5 star rating. Here is our review. There was some confusion on the website about whether we needed a W3.0m x D4.0m or a W4.0m x D3.0m. In the end we had to phone up and ask before ordering. The truth is that they are both the same kit and you get the parts to make either of them. Two parts are different depending if the door is on the left or the right and you get both sets.

We had the 2 person delivery. They were very helpful and between us all, we carried the kit up the garden in no time. The parts were in good condition although asking us to check and confirm they were all there was impossible to do. However, they mostly were all there (see later). The instructions are an odd mixture of generic instructions and instructions specific to the chosen building. It did not help that some were missing but customer services e-mailed the missing items.

The instructions were also confused about 3 x 4 and 4 x 3, but the errors were obvious to us so no problem. The key to constructing these items is to get the base square and level. We spent some time on this and it was worth it because the rest of the construction process was easy. We soon had the house built. One of the purlins had the holes drilled in the wrong place and this confused us briefly but it was easy to drill some new ones. (It had been put in the jig upside down). Lifting them into place was a bit heavy but not that hard really. The roof was no problem. We had felt. I think we should have been supplied with a decorative bit for above the door. This was missing but it was easy to make one out of some of the spare bits. There was not enough of the trim supplied to go round the floor and the edge of the roof. We could have done with a couple more lengths. However, we just cut down some spare wood to make the missing parts. The green stain supplied was very thin and had a tendency to go right through the knots and to stain the inside of the summerhouse. This looked a mess and we had to sand the inside. I later sealed all the knots to prevent this from happening.

The overall look is a bit blotchy and we will later repaint it with some decent stuff. The windows let in water at the top in heavy rain. We fixed this by making an extra sloping bit out of spare wood and fitting this above the windows at an angle. It worked a treat (see photo). We also made our own decorative plaques rather than advertise Dunster House. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase. It was easy to make and is a fantastic addition to the garden. Now all we need is a bit of sun.

Thanks to all at Dunster House. Nigel and Christina


Customer Reviews Radley Sunlight Log Cabin Dunster House Customer Reviews Radley Sunlight Log Cabin Dunster House

April 25, 2015

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