Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D4.0m

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Rhine Dunster House

I am very proud of the fact that our Log Cabins can be anything you want them to be, infact I tell you this every chance I get. I think Rachel’s customer review images helps demonstrate this perfectly. She sent us images of the exterior of her PremiumPlus Rhine Log Cabin  but none of the interior. Although frustrating, as I’m nosey and like to see how you use your Log Cabins, it shows the quality of our cabins perfectly.

The high quality slow grown Spruce makes a clean, modern Log Cabin that is better than pine in so many ways. One of the most important things is that Spruce is much less porous than pine so its much less likely to shrink, warp or split over time.

Our slow grown timber are grown in colder climates. This makes the rings within the timber more densely packed so you have a stronger, more durable material. Rachel has decided to treat her timber, a vital element for a long lasting Log Cabin.

In order to help you treat your Log Cabin in a way that suits your garden and budget, we offer a huge variety of treatment colours which are available on our optional extras page.


Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Rhine Dunster HouseHere’s what Rachel said

We are so impressed with this log cabin. Although you see the dimensions of the wood in the description, it is not until you actually see the wood that you really appreciate the thickness and quality of the wood. We opted for the internal partition wall, creating a back storage area which was also handy for hiding the electrics and keeping the main room neat and tidy.

We are impressed with the quality of the fittings, from door handles, hinges, window latches etc. The double glazing and carpet which we fitted has made it so cosy inside. We will soon be adding guttering and a gravel trench, to prevent the water splashing up at the base. All in all, we would make the same decision to purchase this product from Dunster house again. No regrets.

Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Rhine Dunster House

If the high quality slow grown Spruce, and glowing review wasn’t enough to convince you, the windows certainly will. Our Log Cabins come with 4mm toughened glass as standard. We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors for increased safety and security. It’s much better than 3mm horticultural glass, commonly found in garden buildings. It’s a lot harder to break. And if ever it is broken it breaks into small pieces rather than large shards. It is also much harder to scratch than the plastic alternatives, styrene, acrylic and perspex. Therefore will preserve your clear view out for far longer.

The sculpted Georgian bars only help add to the parisian charm. It looks like it was built for her garden specifically. I can’t wait to see what’s inside the Log Cabin. Because if its anything like the outside of the cabin, its going to be spectacular.

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