Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D5.0m

Customer Reviews Rhine Log Cabin Dunster House

Some of the best customer reviews I receive are from people who have used our Log Cabins as a home for their hobbies and then had so much interest that its become a small business. This is exactly what Tracey did. She bought her Log Cabin to give herself a space where she could truly focus on her sewing hobby. The large Log Cabin has plenty of space for all the fabric, filling, cotton, machines and everything else Tracey could need as her hobby turns into something more:

Customer Reviews Rhine Log Cabin Dunster HouseIn Tracey’s own words

“Beautiful, just finished building and decorating my Dunster. As you can see mine’s my beautiful sewing room…. I love it! Thank you, it’s a hobby that is slowly turning into a small business. I just love it, it’s perfect in every way. Excellent service from you guys. We built it ourselves which was fairly easy to do, we managed to get it water tight in a day. Then spent a few weeks painting inside and out and then filling it with lots of lovely fabric”

Customer Reviews Rhine Log Cabin Dunster House

Tracey painted the exterior of her PremiumPlus Rhine Log Cabin and Veranda in our heritage blue. So, it looks fantastic, contrasting perfectly with the decking below. The large windows and doors let in plenty of natural light for Tracey to work during the day. The lights she’s had installed looks fabulous and ensures she has light for when her work runs into the night.

Customer Reviews Rhine Log Cabin Dunster House

Whether you have a hobby you love or are starting a business, our Log Cabins offer you a warm, comfortable space away from your home to work. Give your business, or hobby, the dedication it deserves by treating yourself to one of our Log Cabins.

PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D5.0m inc Veranda starts from just £2,458.99, call our sales team on 01234 272 445 or visit our website to order one today.

November 6, 2015

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