Customer Reviews: PremiumPlus Severn SideStore W6.5m x D4.0m

severn sidestore log cabin dunster house customer reviews

Another fantastic review came into our Customer Reviews inbox. This time from Gerlof Kasma who has chosen to add a Sidestore to his Log Cabin. We are awaiting the shots of his interior but I think the exterior itself looks great.

Gerlof now has a place to retreat to at the end of his garden. In addtion, a sidestore to store all the tools and chemicals needed for garden maintenance. Ideal for gardens that don’t have quite enough space for both a Shed and a Log Cabin.

Gerlof chose to install the Log Cabin himself and was happily surprised to find that it wasn’t overly difficult. Taking just over a week to install, paint and add flooring – I can’t wait until the interior shots pop into my inbox.

Delivery planning was flexible with dates I could chose from. Delivery was good, it was raining, but the men took care that everything was covered when they left. Instructions were understandable (even for someone who’s English is not a first language).

Building the cabin took 8 days with 2 people (34 and a 71 year old) including painting and putting in laminate flooring. Advisable to have someone there who has experience with wood work, but in general as long as you make sure everything is straight and alligned (the wood needs some help sometimes) you should not have a problem putting this together.

Customer Reviews Severn Log Cabin Dunster House

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September 24, 2015

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