Customer Reviews: Revolving Vantage Summerhouse  

Customer Reviews: Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

Linda Ford sent us a beautiful photograph along with a review of her brand new Revolving Vantage Summerhouse W2.5m x D2.5m. She is over the moon with her latest garden acquisition and couldn’t wait to tell the whole world. Here’s another blog from our customer reviews series.

In Linda’s own words

 “I just want to say how pleased I am with this summerhouse. The delivery was swift, the tracking facility was really useful and the drivers were friendly and helpful.

The instructions were clear and my friends and family put it up in a weekend.

I love the way it turns round, I can face the sun or the view I want to see.

It’s amazing well done.”

Customer Reviews: Vantage Summerhouse Dunster House

Our Revolving Vantage Summerhouse has a rotating base. It moves with ease allowing you the control to follow the sun throughout the day. It can be fixed into either concrete or a timber base and has a unique system in place to keep your summerhouse in your chosen position.

The walls are made from 16mm Shiplap timber and all windows are made with 4mm toughened glass, a much stronger and more durable material. The high internal eaves, 1.97m/6’5″, give a spacious feel inside the summerhouse.

The concept of rotating garden buildings has an interesting history dating back at least 90 years. Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw had a rotating shed in the garden of his Hertfordshire home, which can be seen on the official website for Shaw’s Corner It is rumoured that Shaw would sit there and write, creating many of his great scripts. The rotating summerhouse allows you to take in a different view of your garden each day. With that inspiration no wonder Shaw’s work is so famous!

So, why not grab some inspiration and add something new and exciting into your garden this summer with a Revolving Summerhouse?

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April 19, 2016

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