Customer Reviews: Serendipity Greenhouse

Customer Reviews Serendipity Greenhouse Dunster House

On the weekend, our thoughts often turn to gardening and all that it entails. When I walk through the show garden here at Dunster House headquarters (I often search for inspiration), I always end up stopping by the Greenhouse. It is currently bursting with the colour of live strawberries, chillis and tomatoes. Its fantastic to see them doing so well. When Marian┬áLyle wrote in to our Customer Reviews with images of her Serendipity Greenhouse, I have to admit that I was excited to see it. I’m always inspired by the creative ways you use your Garden Buildings!

Alas I have to wait a little while longer as the Greenhouse is currently being used for storage but, thanks to the full size toughened glass panels, you can see just how much space Marian has in this beautiful building!

Here’s what Marian said about her greenhouse

This green house is sturdy, had all the extras for one price: toughened glass, automatic openers and staging. My daughter loves it! The delivery driver was very helpful.

These are the photos of my daughters Serendipity Greenhouse. I am afraid it is useful place for depositing all gardening bits and pieces and other stuff, but it will be very well used this summer for plants.

I hope these may be useful. We’ve had strong winds overnight and it is still standing, the last metal one collapsed.



Customer Reviews Serendipity Greenhouse Dunster House

Customer Reviews Serendipity Greenhouse Dunster House

June 20, 2015

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