Customer Reviews: Severn Log Cabin

Customer Reviews: Severn Log Cabin Exterior

When I am commuting to work on a Monday morning, I can’t help but think of all of our customers who work from home in our Log Cabins, Summerhouses or Garden Offices. People who like Rebecca who submitted her Severn Log Cabin into our customer reviews inbox over the weekend. What a better way to beat the Monday blues! Rebecca can wake up in the morning feeling well rested. She can spend time getting ready before leaving the house and enjoy a 30 second commute to work. Just imagine it; no traffic!

Customer Reviews: Severn Log CabinHere’s what she said

“We had prompt customer service and delivery from Dunster House. We erected the log cabin ourselves which was very simple and clear from the instructions given. The only down side is that we had quite a few bowed planks and only one spare. So was a case of drilling some to secure a straight structure. We purchased the premium paints from them and with 2x coats was easy enough to apply and quick drying. And enough spare to do a 3rd coat when needed. Very pleased with the overall cabin and get great feedback from my customers of how lovely it is”

Customer Reviews: Severn Log Cabin

The spacious interior of the Log Cabin gives Rebecca plenty of space to utilise – and she does in a spectacular way. There is more than enough internal space to store all of the equipment Rebecca needs. There’s even enough room for her, her colleagues and her clients to move around freely. Her choice of white paint, combined with the natural light that pours through the window, ensures the Log Cabin has a airy, spacious feel.

Customer Reviews: Severn Log Cabin


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October 11, 2016

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